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Disposable Medical Gowns 

In accordance with ANSI | AAMI Standards all of or AAMI Level gowns are tested to meet the highest protection for which the gown is rated. All areas of the medical gown except bindings, cuffs and hems are considered critical zones of protection and are tested as per the AAMI PB70 standard. All seams must have the same liquid barrier protection as the rest of the gown. 
The critical zone comprises at least of areas front and sleeve. The back of the gown may be non protective. 
We offer a complete range of AAMI level isolation gowns for both low risk and high risk environments. Internationally-accredited laboratories conduct the necessary tests to ensure disposable medical gowns meet the highest level of protection for which each gown is rated. 

Materials Guide AAMI Medical Gowns

1. Polyethylene “PE”

Isolation gowns  in PE material lare lightweight, cost-effective and highly protective. The single layer allows breathability and flexibility of movement.

2. Polypropylene “PP” Spun-bond Non-woven 

Polypropylene material is spun and then directly dispersed into a web to create a spun-bond non-woven a fabric-like material. Single-layer, lightweight gowns offer high degree of breathability and comfort with adequate protection.

3. PP + PE Laminated Non-woven

Combining the best attributes of polyethylene and polypropylene ensures a strong protection while maximizing comfort. Isolation gowns in this material are multi-layer and medium weighted

5. SMS Medium weight

Multi-layer Spunbond-Meltblown-Spunbond is a 3-ply lightweight material that offers moderate protection while ensuring comfort and breathability.

4. SMS Lightweight

Multi-layer Spun-bond-Melt blown-Spun-bond is a 3-ply lightweight material that offers moderate protection while ensuring comfort and breathability.

6. PPM –PP Moki-Tex

PPMoki-Tex is a proprietary, innovative and industry-first material that is exclusive. PPM offers a high level of comfort and breathability, a moderate protection, and still remains very affordable.