• Your PPE Partner
    Let us help you with solve your PPE needs better!

     Let us help you with solve your PPE needs better!

    We have flexible solutions to serve Distributors, Resellers, Governments and Hospitals. PIXIMED helps make long term supply solutions easy.


    PIXIMED offers a wide range of products with the best in class quality, price and financing is need be to fulfill your needs. 

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  • Covid Rapid Test Kit

    Health Canada - FDA - CE Approuved, test kit are important every where. 
    PIXIMED is proud to be your source for these rapid test kit, PCR - POC - OTC

    We have best price and large availibility

    info@piximed.com | 1-844-447-8008
  • Face Masks

    3 Ply : Health Canada - FDA - CE
    Surgical type IIr & ASTM Level I - II - III for adults and children.

    N95 : Health Canada, FDA, NIOSH approuved.

    info@piximed.com   |   1-844-447-8008

  • Gloves

    Our factory is one of the largest globally. We make glove supply simple. Choose from our stock brands, or we can easily produce your OEM / ODM with your desired specifications. 

    PIXIMED represents world-renowned names in manufacturing and can provide the highest quality gloves with the highest standard of safety and protection.

    Whether nitrile, latex, PVC or synthetic for medical, food and industrial we have the most relliable cost effective solution for you.

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  • Syringes

    With the widest range of models and options available, PIXIMED can reliably deliver a precise solution with the best quality and price.

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  • Protective Coverall

    When it's time to feel secure, take PIXIMED as your partner!
    We have all about your protection :
    Coverall, Gowns, hat, shoe cover, etc...

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Trusted Brands

Our products are FDA, Health Canada (HC) & CE cerified & are manufactured in an ISO manufacture with the highest quality standard. 

We distribute production based supply solutions direct from our factories warehouse around the globe, wich are amongst the largest in the world.

Large Volume PPE Supply             

Large volume orders?  No problem. Clients around the globe, including government, institutional, private, and corporate buyers have turned to our group for reliable and timely scheduled supply with financing available. Manufacturer direct supply solutions include the following products:

  • Disposable 3 Ply medical & surgical masks for adults & children
  • N95 NIOSH certified masks in cup or foldable models
  • Gloves: nitrile, latex, vinyl, or synthetic gloves in medical/surgical / sterile grades, food grade and industrial
  • Isolation gowns –head covering - Coverall - shoe cover - etc..
  • Face shields and goggles
  • Sanitizer, soap and shampoo 

PIXIMED can offer a turnkey customized solution. We can assist your procurement team with careful selection of products, as well as full supply chain solutions to get goods from the factory to your door. Our logistics teams complete the circle, delivering reliability.  If financing is required, our finance team can assist.

Contact Us by filling out the form below for all inquiries. 

Message from PIXIMED 

The PIXIMED team has worked hard since the start of this crisis to provide the personal protective equipment necessary to protect people on the font line against Covid-19. We have followed the directives of Public Health and we are swift to offer the right equipment to workers in 

                     ALL industries in order to be better protected against this invisible enemy. 

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