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    Équipement Protection Individuel & Fourniture médicale

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    Personal Protection Equipment & Medical Supplies


    Affichage numérique sur mesure : 
    Borne Interactives sur mesure 
    Système de vidéo conférence
    Ordinateurs industriel
     Écran tactiles
    Tablettes commerciales tactiles

    Digital Signage (custom built): 
    Interactive kiosks (custom design) 
    Video conference system
    Industrial Computer
     Interactive displays
    Interactive tablet
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At PIXIMED, we have spent this past year humbly serving  Canadians during this crisis.  Helping the Health Care Industry and Front line workers and helping us to understand the importance of providing quality products, convenience, accessibility and world class customer service. 

Our products are carefully selected by our Managing Directors and CEO. Top products are selected from around the world including several Canadian Made products making sure that appropriate medical standards  are met to  ensure quality for all Canadians

PIXIMED  is here to help you navigate and order quality medical supplies, while knowing that you can count on our team of experts that help supply the highest standard of products. By allowing everyone to easily access necessary medical equipment, we want to help Canadians get everything they need as fast as they need it.

We strive to provide the highest quality PPE and Medical Supplies at affordable prices, and ensure you receive the highest quality standard of products.

 We strive to create an efficient supply chain for the Canadian healthcare system and various other industries in need of PPE and medical equipment during this 
unprecedented time. Through innovation, we look to increase availability to products, provide competitive pricing and aspire to be the standard when it comes to medical supplies and personal protective equipment.

PIXIMED is a licensed Medical Supplier MDEL 12167

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PIXIMED is a proud member of Hospital news Directory (healthcare, equipment and product services) Hospital News is Canada's leading health care magazine/website for over 30 years. Hospital News Directory is your #1 online resource for Healthcare Equipment, Products and Services. Your trusted network of top-rated suppliers, including updated news on new and improved products/services.

PIXIMED is a proud member of Index Santé. 

The Index Santé directory is essential for quickly finding health services in Quebec. It offers healthcare professionals essential visibility for the development of their digital presence. Do you work in the health sector in Quebec?

PIXIMED is a proud member of Le Panier Bleu 

Le Panier Bleu, an initiative supported by the Quebec government, to boost local purchasing